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Celebrity Pet Feature - Bo and Sunny

Welcome to our first celebrity pet feature - we'll be doing one every week!  If celebrities can have tabloid and magazine features, why can't their dogs?  I mean, I'd totally pay to see a dog on the cover of Cosmo or GQ.

So, for our first week, we'll start with a very important celebrity.  Not an actor or musician, but, the President! 

All About Bo and Sunny:

The Obamas were all about giving when intially looking into dogs for their family.  They wanted to give back by adopting a dog.  But because Malia, Barack and Michelle's oldest daughter, has an allergy, they were limited in what dogs they could adopt.

So instead, they did research on hypoallergenic dogs to find out what breed would best suit them.  Finally, after much speculation, they decided on a Portuguese Water Dog.  Originally bred in Algarve, Portugal, the dogs were thought to be fishermen's dogs.  What makes them good for those with allergies is their fluffy coat.  It makes them naturally hypoallergenic.

And so, that's how Bo arrived!  He was a gift to the Obama family from former senator Ted Kennedy. While originally named Charlie by his breeder, Bo was renamed by the Obamas, in part after the singer Bo Diddley.  And technically, he's still a rescue dog!  Bo's original owner gave him back to the breeder after he didn't get along with her dog, and he ended up finding his forever home with the First Family.  That makes Bo the official First Dog of the United States!  

And after Bo came Sunny. She is considered Bo's younger sister, and came to the family from a breeder in 2013.  She was announced via Michelle Obama's Twitter page! And even though they're considered "First siblings," Bo is actually from a breeder in Texas while Sunny is from a breeder in the Great Lakes area.

And don't worry, even though the Obamas didn't adopt Bo and Sunny, they are outspoken about their support for humane societies.  They have pledged donations to the Washington D.C. Humane Society in Bo and Sunny's names.  You guys go, First Family!



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Jenna Gomes