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Doggy Gift Ideas

The holidays are here and if you celebrate Christmas, it's only two days away!  You're getting everyone a gift, right?  Well, what about your dog?  They need some lovin', too!  

So, if you're stuck on what to get Fido (I mean, they can't very well make a list for themselves) take some suggestions from us:


Let's be honest, your pup will always appreciate food.  So here are some yummy and unique food-related items that will be special for Fido.

DIY Doggie Treats - This is a great idea for a last minute gift, as there are many dog treat recipes that can be made with ingredients you have in your pantry already.  Simply search "DIY dog treats" and you'll find a host of recipes!

Bake-a-Bone Dog Treat Maker - Make making your dog treats even easier!  It's basically a griddle that presses dog-biscuit-batter or other elements of food into biscuit-shapes.  And it works pretty fast!  Yum!

Pez Dog Treat Dispenser - A fun collectible item for you, and a joy for them because they get plenty of treats!  It will also help them exercise their listening and learning skills because they have to learn how to get the dispenser to dispense treats.



Creature comforts never get old!

Artemis Pet Sofa - It's literally a leather couch for your dog.  But it's actually pretty comfy and it's not real leather, so no animals were harmed in its making!  Plus, it'll look super stylish in your living room and adorable, considering it's a mini-couch.

Chew Toys - This is a classic but your dog can never have enough chew toys.  The Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone and the Kong are the two top-selling chew toys on Amazon.  The Benebone tastes yummy and is good for your dog's gums.  The Kong can hold treats!



You can't forget the fun!  Your dog can never have enough fun, you know that!

Hyper Tennis Ball Launcher - It's basically a giant slingshot, but for tennis balls!  They stack up in the chamber, and then you pull and back and launch!  You'll be able to throw it farther than with your hand, plus it can be a trip to the park even more fun!

iFetch - A step up from the Hyper, the iFetch does the work all on its own.  This is good for someone who doesn't have as much physical ability as someone else, or someone who wants their dog to have fun in the backyard but they're a little too busy to throw the ball around themselves.  Maybe you can even train your dog to load it themselves!


These are just a few suggestions, and hopefully they'll get the ball rolling because Christmas is only two days away!  But if you see any great ideas that you can't execute now, I'm sure you dog will be okay with a New Year's gift.

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Jenna Gomes