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Breed Feature - Chow Chow

If you love dogs that have a lot of luff, then you'll love today's breed feature- the Chow Chow

What They're Famous For: Chow Chows are obviously famous for their very fluffy fur. They're also known for their dignity, which comes with their rich history. 

History: The Chow Chow breed dates back more than 2,000 years, although a lot of dog historians believe that the breed is even older. The breed most likely came from a combination of the Mastiff of Tibet and the Samoyed. This combination likely resulted in the famous fluffy face of the Chow Chow. While the Chow started in China, it moved to England in the 1880's and became even more popular when Queen Victoria praised it and it was displayed as the "Wild Dog of China" in the London Zoo. It was officially recognized in 1903 by the American Kennel Club and reigns as a popular breed even today.

Size: A medium-sized dog, the Chow Chow stands 18 - 22 inches tall and weight about 40 - 70 pounds. 

Appearance: Obviously, these dogs have lots of fluff. Chow Chow's fur is massive in volume but light and fluffy. Their coats come in a range of colors, though cinnamon and black/blue coats are among the most common. They have a distinct short snout that gives them a regal, snobbish look. The Chow Chow face says "don't mess with me!"

Who They're Perfect For: Chow Chows are intelligent, so if you love teaching old (or new) dogs new tricks, the Chow is perfect for you since they catch on so quick. They are serious dogs who don't always like to put up with lots of energy around them, so a house with older children would be ideal for them. And of course, Chows are ideal for those who have time to brush out that thick coat! 

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Jenna Gomes