January 24, 2017

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Celebrity Dog Feature - Cora

Jon Hamm is most known for the HBO drama Mad Men, but acting doesn't stop him from doing his good deeds. Hamm is also a big advocate for animal rescue, and has openly spoke about how much of an impact adoption had on his life. 

Cora, a Shepard mix, first wandered into Hamm's life twelve years ago, when he walked into the Much Love Animal Shelter in California. Originally, Hamm just intended to foster a dog from the shelter. But after meeting Cora, he just had to keep her. 

Cora and Hamm are just about crazy for each other. Although Cora lived with Hamm and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, their split in September hasn't saddened the pup too much. She spends time with both Hamm and Westfeldt, and her bond with Hamm is unbeatable. He says that watching her grow since he's adopted her has been "pure joy."

Cora was only around one when Hamm first adopted her, so she is climbing up in the ages, but don't worry, she's still plenty healthy and sprite. And though she's a little gray, Hamm insists that she's got a good life. 

The power of an owner/dog bond is very clear with the bond Hamm and Cora have. “It has changed my life in such a positive way,” he says, "Pets can bring to us a sense of love and pride and all of those wonderful things.” 

Well that is true. And Cora inspired Hamm so much that he is now involved in many animal advocacy campaigns and often speaks out to support adoption. Recently, he teamed up with shelterme.tv to encourage shelter adoption. 


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