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Benefits of Adopting Senior Dogs

We all know the benefits of adoption - but what about the benefits of adopting an older dog? Many senior dogs (above 10 for smaller breeds and 7 or 8 for larger breeds) have trouble getting adopted. But they shouldn't! Here are some reasons why you should consider bringing home a senior dog. 


Since older dogs have been around humans for longer, most of them have better manners than puppies or young dogs. They might have had owners before that have already taught them commands, and they'll probably have no problem letting you know when they need to go outside. 

Lower Energy

As dogs get older, they tend to lose some of the energy they had as a pup. While you might love a young dog's energy (especially if you like exercise), it's also nice for many people to have a dog that enjoys just laying down on the floor next to you, too. Many senior dogs are also less excitable when knew people come visit, and might even bark less or not at all. 

Known Medical History

While senior dogs may come with more health issues, you'll already be aware of any issues they've had in the past because they've had a longer life. This might help you prepare for any issues in the future.

They're Already Grown

When adopting older dogs, you'll be able to see their personality, looks, and size right away. If you were to purchase or adopt a puppy or even a young dog, you're never quite sure what you're getting because they still have room to grow - both in their size and their personality. 

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

While older dogs already have some training skills down, they're never too old to learn! Senior dogs actually learn new tricks well, despite the old saying. Plus, teaching your senior dog new skills or challenging them with puzzles actually helps stimulate their brain activity and keep them healthy. 

You're Helping Dogs Who Need It

And of course, when you adopt a senior dog, you're doing a good deed. Many senior dogs have a hard time finding homes simply because of their age, so if you give one a home, you're helping you and them.

So, why not open up your home (and heart) to an older dog? You know they're waiting for you! 

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Jenna Gomes