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Best Cities for Dog Lovers

The statistics are in: the millennial generation of dog-lovers are choosing homes based on how good they are for their dogs. In fact, many people are making big decisions with their dogs in mind. It's no wonder - we all know how amazing dogs are. If you've been thinking about a move recently, you might want to consider some of these cities - reportedly the best for dogs and their owners. 

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is already known for its active, unique lifestyle. The relaxed vibe in Austin makes it the ideal for dog-lovers, as multiple restaurants (over 200) allow dogs on their patio. Austin loves dogs just as much as we do, as it's the largest no-kill city in America.

San Francisco, California

The weather here is perfect for enjoying just about every day outside with your pup. Plus, there are ample dog parks to enjoy the weather in, over 3 dog parks per 100,000 residents (which is a pretty good number, if you weren't sure). 

Reno, Nevada

The desert can be a fun place for a pup, especially with the annual DogFest Walk 'n Roll, a fundraiser for the Canine Companions for Independence group. Plus, there are many national and local parks and hiking trails around Reno. 

Denver, Colorado

This city ranks as number 7 in overall pet health and wellness, and you've certainly seen that if you've visited! There are dogs out at restaurants, dogs in stores, and out hiking. This is the ideal city if you and your dog both love exercise, as Denver is an athlete-friendly city. Denver also hosts an annual dog show with over 150 breeds. 

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a bustling city, but not too bustling for your pups! Many northern neighborhoods of Chicago are very dog-friendly, offering over 380 dog-friendly restaurants in total. Basically, it's not hard to get lunch and pet a dog at the same time. There are even dog beaches and dog cruises on the lake.

Portland, Oregon

While Portland has gained notoriety after the show Portlandia, it's not just a city for "hipsters" - it's the perfect city for everyone and their dogs. The city has 35 off-leash dog parks, letting your dog freely roam. Plus, Portland even has an app to connect dog owners in the city so that you (and your pup) can make friends.

No matter where you live, always be sure to seek out your favorite dog park, your favorite groomer, and your favorite dog-friendly restaurant.

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Jenna Gomes