January 24, 2017

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Best City Dogs

You love the city and you love dogs. So who says you can't have both? Thanks to Fresh Patch, having a dog when you're busy can be a bit easier. But what about if you're busy in the city? Here are some dog breeds that will be happy and healthy in living in a city. 


Pugs are adorable and fun-sized. That's what makes them perfect for the city! Even if you're in a studio apartment, they'll have plenty of room because of their size. Plus, they don't need a ton of exercise.

English Bulldog

The great thing with this breed is that they tend not to be barkers. Your neighbors in the city will surely love that! Not only this, but they don't need a lot of exercise. Do make sure you get them out enough, though, because they tend to gain weight easily.


Call us crazy, but a Greyhound is actually perfect for the city! While they have a reputation as racing dogs, they actually don't need long periods of exercise. They just like to run really fast. And if you let them run around in the dog park once in a while, they'll be a big ol' couch potato once you get home. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These toy breeds are tiny and cute. You might know Elizabeth Taylor, Charlotte York's King Charles Spaniel on Sex in the City. Well, there's a reason Charlotte had her! These pups are great for cities, because of their small stature and their love for hanging out on the couch.


Shih-Tzus are tiny and loveable! That's what makes them perfect for cities. They don't need much activity at all but they do love being pampered. So be prepared to cuddle with them when you get home. 

Labrador Retriever

If you love a big city and big dogs, then choose the Lab! Even with their size, they'll be happy in the city as long as you have room for them in your apartment. They're sweet and calm, but are slightly more active than other dogs on this list. That means that you'll need to exercise them just a bit more. 

So get out there and find your perfect city dog!


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