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Five of the Best Calming Beds for Your Pup

Five of the Best Calming Beds for Your Pup

With much of the workforce returning back to their office thanks to the vaccine, we have lots of sad puppers on our hands. So to help ease them into the transition, why not get them a nice new comfy bed to wait for you in while you're gone? Here are some of the best beds you can buy this year. 

1. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Cuddler

This shag, donut-shaped bed is a classic - and great for anxious pups. While this bed is on the pricier size (especially for the larger sizes), many owners would say it's worth it. This bed is fluffy and easily washable. The larger edges help envelop your pup in a little sleep circle so that they feel comfortable and relaxed. They'll fall asleep so easily, they might even forget you're gone!

2. MushyBeds

Has your pup ever shown an affinity for bean bags? Then the MushyBed™ will be perfect for the them. It has a fluffy exterior that your pup will love the feel of, and ample padding on the inside that will swallow them up when they climb in. This bed is more like a giant cloudy lump, so if your pup is one of those that prefers laying on top of beds instead of inside them, this one's a good choice.

3. Furhaven Dog Bed

If your pup loves sleeping on the couch but isn't allowed, then a Furhaven bed is the way to go. This bed is a bolster bed, which means it looks like a couch, with arms around three sides. This bed has a foam mattress in it, so it is extremely luxurious for those pups that just wish they could cuddle with you on your foam mattress. You can also customize the type of foam you get, which could include cool gel foam to keep them from getting hot as well as orthopedic foam.

4. Snoozer Cozy Cave Beds

Does your pup prefer to tuck themselves away under a blanket when they feel anxious? Then they will love these cave-style beds. Snoozer has multiple styles of cave beds so that you can choose the right style for you and your pup. All of them feature a comfy, squishy bed with a fabric hood over it. This way your pup can tuck themselves inside the bed and feel cozy and protected.

5. Enrych Separation Anxiety Bed

This bed may look simple, but it's a wonder for separation anxiety! It's made of a soft fleece and has two levels: one is a raised pillow-type surface and the other side is a flat blanket. This type of structure is perfect for pup who like to wrap their arms around something to "cuddle," and still has a blanky for them lay the rest of the body on. 


We hope this beds will help your pup snooze better while you're at work! 

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Jenna Gomes