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Best Dog Mascots

Football season is approaching, which means we'll be seeing plenty of mascots out on the field and hyping up the crowd! Here are some of the best dog mascots across the sports universe.

Jonathan the Husky

The UConn (University of Connecticut) basketball team is infamous for many reasons - not only because they have a jaw-dropping, record breaking women's team, but because of Jonathan the Husky, too. The giant foam husky is adorable, but the real-life Jonathan is even cuter. Jonathan the Husky has been around for decades, and when it's his time to retire, he's replaced by a new, puuurfect Jonathan that loves making campus visits!

Uga the English Bulldog

The current English bulldogs that represents the University of Georgia football team is Uga X, who comes from a long line of Ugas who have all represented the team on the field. Each Uga gets their own personalized jersey with a unique number and their "real" non-Uga name on it.

Harvey the Hound

Harvey the Hound made history by being the very first mascot of the National Hockey League in 1983. Harvey is the official mascot for the Calgary Flames. While Harvey's not a real dog, his adorable mascot suit still gets plenty of love from fans, especially after an incident where an angry coach ripped the mascot's tongue out!  After that, many NHL mascots arrived at the All-Star came with their tongues hanging out of their mouth! 

Gumbo the Dog and Sir Saint

The National Football League's New Orleans Saints have two mascots, and one of them is an adorable doggy mascot! Gumbo the Dog is a giant foam Saint Bernard, and wears the number "00" to all games. Gumbo also has also had a real-life canine counterpart in the past, a Saint Bernard who wandered the sidelines of the game getting pets and sporting Saints apparel.

Jack the Bulldog

Bulldogs are a popular mascot for college sports, and it's no wonder why when you look at how cute Jack the Bulldog is! Jack the Bulldog, whose full name is John F. Carroll, is the mascot for all of Georgetown University's athletic teams. Over the years, Georgetown's teams have had many different types of dogs as a mascot, not just Jack. There are real-life Jack the Bulldogs that frequent campus, as well as a giant costumed bulldog that makes an appearance at university games.


No matter who you're rooting for this season, we can all agree that these doggy mascots are some of the most adorable mascots out there!

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Jenna Gomes