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Best Dogs for Families

A family isn't complete until you add a dog - that's just a fact! If you are thinking about adding a furry member to the family, you'll have to consider some factors - what size dog might be right for you, how much exercise they'll need, and of course, if they'll get along with the whole family. Here are some dog breeds that are known for being great with all types of families.


The Peanuts cartoon doesn't lie - Beagles are funny, outgoing, and have the potential to be the perfect family dog. Beagles are known to get along great with kids due to their boundless energy. Playtime with children is the perfect way to tire out a beagle. These pups also can be escape artists, which means that watching the dog together or fixing the gate to make sure it closes can be great family bonding activities. 

Irish Setter

While Irish Setters are beautiful, they're more to them than just their beautiful coat! Irish Setters are perfect for families on-the-go, since they're extremely active dogs that are up for swimming, fetching, hikes, and pretty much any adventure you're ready to take on. They are also known to be agreeable and patient, so they'll fit in with families big and old and young and small.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

While some spaniels are known to be a bit sassy, the King Charles is the most agreeable of them all. These gentle pups get along with nearly anyone, and while they can be a bit timid, they're extremely loyal to their family and will stick by their side no matter what. Plus, their pint-size quality earns them bonus points for cuteness. 


Both labs and goldens are famous for being family dogs - and there's a reason for that! Not only do these dogs love playing with humans of all sizes, but they're also easily trainable, so that they can learn some of the manners the kids have.  

A Shelter Pup

Another dog that will be great for the family? A shelter pup! Meet and greets (once permitted) with a shelter dog can help you determine if they might be a good fit. In some cases, shelters can also provide you with a background of the dog that will also help you determine if they're a good fit.

No matter which pup ends up being a right fit for your family, we can help find the right Fresh Patch fit for them to make your family life a bit easier. 

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Jenna Gomes