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Breed Feature - American Foxhound

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog... except this blog's features, the American Foxhound, is so much more than just a hound!

What They're Famous For: American Foxhounds aren't quite "famous", but rather very rare! Besides being slightly rare, they are most famous for their beautiful voice. This pup's howls can be heard even from miles away! They also have a sniffer that is constantly stuck to the ground. Fun fact: George Washington owned 36 foxhounds!

History: The American Foxhound was one of the very first breeds originating from the United States. Throughout the 1700's and 1800's, it was developed by breeding certain breeds of hounds to get the ideal agility, speed, and intelligence. It has "America" written all over it. The Foxhound was also bred to hunt foxes, hence the name "Foxhound".  However, this is was specialized training. They were trained to hunt foxes but not kill them. 

Size: A medium-sized dog, the American Foxhound stands 21 - 25 inches tall and weighs anywhere from 44 - 75 pounds. Male Foxhounds tend to be much bigger. 

Appearance: These pups look like a typical member of the hound family. They have tall, skinny legs and long, hound ears. Their face and ears can be on the shorter side, almost resembling a beagle. Their colors and markings are similar to that of a beagle, as well.

Who They're Perfect For: American Foxhounds are ideal for active people. Since they were bred to hunt, they'll want lots of running or walking. They're also good for people who want an easy-going, sweet dog. Foxhounds might be independent at times, but they love their humans.

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Jenna Gomes