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Breed Feature - Beagle

Today's breed feature is about the one, the only, lovable Beagle! 

What They're Famous For: Beagles are pretty much famous for being beagles. They're well-known both by their name and their personality for being the true example of man's best friend. There are also lots of famous movie and book beagles like Shiloh and the main doggy character of Cats vs. Dogs. 

History: Beagles were quite the mystery at first. They don't have a specific origin that can be traced, but are thought to come from England in the days when packs of hounds were popular. Beagles started standing out in the 18th century when they become a popular family dog. While beagles were originally intended to be small hunting dogs, they ended up becoming more popular family dogs because of their bright personality. 

Size: Beagles are a small- to medium-sized dog. They stand at just about 13 to 16 inches tall and weigh 20-24 pounds. 

Appearance: Beagles are known for their varied pattern of red, black, and white. Almost every beagle has all three colors, though the combination and pattern can vary from dog-to-dog. While these dogs are short, they have generous-sized legs and aren't too stocky. 

Who They're Perfect For: Beagles are ideal for families, and especially kids! These pups are great with other dogs and children so you can bet they'll fit in with almost any family. They would also be good for anybody who loves to run, jog, or walk because Beagles require a lot of exercise. 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes