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Breed Feature - Saint Bernard

We're bringing back the breed feature! For this month's breed feature, we'll focus on the Saint Bernard, an "S" breed since it's September! These loveable, huge dogs have a lot to offer a family. 

What They're Famous For: Their size! Saint Bernards are known for their huge, furry body. This large size also leads to something else they're famous for: their guard abilities. Saint Bernards were famous for being guard dogs to a hospice center founded by Archdeacon Bernard De Menthon (hence their name) as well as companions to monks. Another (less fortunate) the Saint Bernard is known for is a starring role in Stephen King's Cujo. (Don't worry, though, in the book, Cujo is only "bad" because he has rabies). 

History: Saint Bernards were first recognized by the AKC in 1885. In 1888, the Saint Bernard Club of America was formed, one of the oldest clubs in the United States. Before 1830 Saint Bernards actually all had short coats, a stark difference from how they're currently known: very fluffy! Brutal weather turned their short coats into long coats, which is how they came to be how they are now. Over the years, Saint Bernards helped people in many ways, from being rescue dogs to farm hands to guards to herding. 

Size: EXTRA-LARGE! Obviously, the Saint Bernard is a very large dog. While much of its bulk is actually due to its fur, it still weighs in at a hefty 140 - 260 pounds. At an average, Saint Bernards stand at 26 - 35 inches high. That is truly a large dog! 

Appearance: Obviously, the Saint Bernard is very large. Their coat makes them look even bigger and is typically white and brown. These (big) pups also have a very wrinkled brow and a short muzzle. Their wrinkled brow sometimes makes it very hard to see their eyes, giving them that lovable, adorable Saint Bernard look that we all love. 

Who They're Perfect For: Saint Bernards are perfect for just about anybody who loves to receive love. Saint Bernards are ideal for families. Despite their size (and Stephen King's book), they are known for their docile and loving nature. They also are great with other animals and don't need much exercise. Because of their loving nature, however, these pups love being around people, so don't leave them alone for too long!

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Jenna Gomes