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Breed Feature - Yorkshire Terrier

For this breed feature, we're focusing on something a little smaller- the adorably tiny Yorkshire Terrier.

What They're Famous For: Yorkshires are famous for their adorable, tiny size - but that's not all! Because of their big personality and small size, they tend to be a popular breed to feature in books, on television, and in movies. In fact, the original Toto in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, was a Yorkshire!

History: Yorkshire Terriers were named for the English county that they're from, Yorkshire. During the nineteenth century, these pups were originally used to catch rats in clothing mills (they must have been small rats!). While nowadays, it might be the assumption that Yorkshires belong to the wealthy, but originally, these dogs were prominent in the working class. There were often facetious jokes made about the dog's silky fur being used in the looms. 

Size: Extra-small. These pups weigh a tiny average of 7 pounds and stand at just at 7 - 8 inches tall. 

Appearance: Yorkshires have a silky-smooth, long coat. Typical coat colors are tan and blue (blue meaning close to a black color). While their fur is long, it's extremely fine, leading to its silkiness. 

Who They're Perfect For: Yorkshires are perfect for small-dog lovers. They will fit happily in small apartments or tiny houses, so if you're strapped for space, Yorkies will be happy. Even though they're tiny, they love walking, so they're perfect for people who need their daily walks. While these pups are okay with kids and other dogs, it's best to have supervision when they're around them. Yorkies love being the only attention-getter.

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Jenna Gomes