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Celebrate November the Dog Way

November is a lot of people's favorite month for most likely one reason... Thanksgiving! But there are also plenty of other reasons to love November, especially when it comes to dogs. There are plenty of dog holidays to celebrate throughout the month. Here are some days that will let you celebrate November the dog way. 

National Senior Pet Month 

Have an old pup that's always been by your side? Celebrate them with National Senior Pet Month! This month is dedicated to celebrating pets that have been with us for a very long time. What are some ways you can celebrate? Well, if you have a dog that's 8 or older, you can take them to the vet for a check-up. It's important to take senior dogs to the vet more often so their health can be monitored. 

You can also celebrate by taking part in Adopt a Senior Pet Monthpart of National Senior Pet Month and started by the ASPCA. Adopting a senior pet can make the difference between them living the last part of their life in a happy and comfy home or in a shelter. 

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer sucks. That, we can all agree on. That's why there are months devoted to spreading awareness about different types of cancer. Part of what November spreads awareness of is pet cancer. That's why it's deemed to be Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Companies like Nationwide Insurance and Blue Buffalo help fight against pet cancer in November. Getting news that your pup has cancer can be devastating, but with help, you can fight it. That's why the Animal Cancer Foundation exists, to help eliminate pet cancer so you won't have to fight it. Honor this occasion by educating yourself on cancer symptoms so you can always be a step ahead. You can also donate directly to the Animal Cancer Foundation. 

Pet Diabetes Month

For humans, November can be full of yummy food. Especially on Thanksgiving. For those with diabetes, though, there's the extra challenge of managing their blood sugar while also enjoying the feast.. Diabetes is a serious illness and affects humans and pets alike. That's why November is Pet Diabetes Month. Increase your awareness of pet diabetes by making yourself familiar with it. What signs will your dog show if they have diabetes? They might be lethargic, drink lots of water, or urinate often. These are all signs that could mean they have diabetes. Don't worry, though, cats and dogs can have happy and healthy lives despite their diabetes. It's just about getting it in control. If you suspect your dog could have diabetes, take them to the vet for a "just in case" visit. 

You can also celebrate November by watching the dog show on Thanksgiving! We'll have more on that to come. 


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