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Coffee for Dogs?

You've heard your parents say it, maybe even you've said it: "there's something new every day!" And for our pups, we're always thinking of ways to make them happy. The most recent innovation? Coffee... for dogs.

Agota Jakutyte, currently living the U.K., came up with the idea. She currently runs a pet product company called Shoo. The coffee, though called "coffee", is both coffee-free and caffeine-free. 

Currently, Jakutyte has a Kickstarter page running for the "not-coffee coffee" drink. On Kickstarter, Jakutyte calls her coffee drink a "wild nordic biohack" for your pup's mornings. So if there's no coffee in this drink, what exactly is in it?  The "nordic biohack" contains dandelion, hawthorn, chicory, carrots burdock, and fulvic acid - ingredients that help to boost your dog's energy without caffeine.

Avoiding caffeine in the mixture was key since caffeine contains methylxanthine, a chemical that is extremely toxic to dogs.

Jakutyte says she came up with the idea when drinking her own coffee in the morning and her own pup, Crete, started licking the coffee. From there, she came up with her own dog-centric mixture of ingredients that could also be good for humans. 

Currently, the drink is called "Rooffee" (a combination of "roots" and "coffee") but upon learning exactly what this means in the states, she's planning on changing the name. Even after a name change, you won't want to assume your pup is good to drinking coffee every morning. Always check with your vet before giving your dog a snack or treat that's new to the market.

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