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Cold Weather Tips for Dog Owners

The winter season is full of great things: family, holidays, and plenty of time inside to cuddle with your pup! But your dog owner duties don't stop when it's snowing outside. Here are some cold weather dog owner tips for you. 

Matching Coats

Okay, so your coats don't have to be *matching*, but getting your pup a coat for the winter can be helpful! Your dog gets cold too, especially if they're a small pup. Getting a pup-appropriate winter coat that fits them well can help them stay warm when they have to go outside.

Skip Hair Cuts

While your pup might receive typical hair cuts or grooming over the summer, it's best to skip short hair cuts in the winter. Your pup's fur helps to insulate them and keep them warm in cooler temps. So while they might look totally adorable in their short little haircut, let them stay au natural during the colder seasons. 

Stock Up on Toys

With colder temperatures and ice or snow, it can be difficult for your dog to get out energy the usual way - by taking walks or having playtime outside. To make sure that your pup has plenty of fun during the winter and is still getting exercise, make sure to get plenty of toys for them! Tug of war toys, balls, chew toys, etc., will all help your pup release energy. Interactive toys that require you to play with them are even better, because it ensures that they get exercise and attention from you. 

Boot Up

You wear boots when you go outside - so should your pup! You can get all-weather boots for your pup in various sizes. Most wrap comfortably around their ankles to prevent them from coming off when they're outside. By wearing boots, your pup's precious little paws are protected from getting scraped on icy surfaces or from getting frostbite. 

Get a Fresh Patch

You know those cold, snowy nights when your dog would much rather stay inside? Well, with a Fresh Patch, they can enjoy the snow falling from the comfort of inside. Instead of making your pup go outside in the cold (what's more uncomfortable than going potty in the cold??), they can use the potty inside, safely and cleanly, thanks to Fresh Patch. It will be your best friend this winter season!

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Jenna Gomes