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Cons of Synthetic Grass

And How To Use Fresh Patch to Your Advantage

Congratulations on becoming a new puppy paw-rent! This is a special, joy-filled moment for any dog lover. Much like your new companion, you’re bursting with excitement—not to mention plenty of healthy nerves and a list of burning questions. You’re here today to get those questions answered so you can tackle this puppy potty training process like a pro.

Cons of Synthetic Grass
There’s a reason why our customers and their dogs get hooked on fresh grass - because, simply put, it’s better! While you might know the benefits of fresh grass for your dog’s potty, you might not know why synthetic grass isn’t the best for your household. Here are some reasons you should avoid using synthetic grass potties. 
Training Difficulty
It is not always easy to train your pup to use a new potty system. However, it can be even more difficult when the potty they’re using is artificial. Since your pup is used to the smell and feel of fresh grass, this is what’s most familiar to them when looking for a potty spot. If you rely on synthetic grass for an indoor potty spot, your pup might not feel comfortable or even know it’s an option to use it as a potty. 
Holds Smell
While grass naturally helps to cover up the smell of your dog’s number one or number two, synthetic grass has no natural smell. Because of this, it won’t work to counteract any bad smell. While you can use sprays to help it smell better (like litter spray), this is an extra step you’d have to take to accomplish what fresh grass already does!
More Maintenance 
Synthetic grass requires more maintenance than fresh grass. Synthetic grass is made from plastic, which requires cleaning in between uses to keep it fresh (and help it not smell). Not only does it need to be cleaned in order to maintain it, but you also need to be cautious about how you clean it and which products to use so that it stays safe for your pup and doesn’t deteriorate.
Finally, synthetic grass is not friendly for the environment! While fresh grass is always positive for your home and doesn’t hurt the environment, artificial grass emits chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds, which aren’t friendly for the environment. Additionally, while these chemicals won’t severely impact your pup, your dog is at risk of minor complications from interacting with synthetic grass chemicals.
You heard it here - fresh grass is the way to go! 
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