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Doggy Photography Tips

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, you can't deny that Christmas is next! And that means that you'll need to get your Christmas cards in order. It's hard enough getting the whole family organized for a Christmas card, so what about when you add dogs? It doesn't have to be hard! Whether you're a photographer, going to a photographer, or just setting up your camera on a timer, here are some tips to help you make your doggy photography a little easier.

Use That Leash

In order to get your dogs, well, in order, you'll need a leash! It's how you can get them to sit where you want them to and ensures a smoother process. Don't ask photographers to go "off-leash" just because you don't want it in the picture. It's possible to photoshop a leash out so that you get the perfect picture and a well-behaving dog. 

Have Patience

You might not get the perfect shot right away. Make sure you have patience, because you don't want to lose your frustration and take it out on your dog. If there's multiple dogs, it can take even longer to get a good shot. Just keep in mind that the calmer you stay, the calmer the dogs will stay. Patience really is well worth its rewards. 

Clear the Area

If you're taking pictures indoors, make sure that you get clutter out of the way and clear the area. That way, no matter how much a dog might move around, you'll be sure to get a good shot that's free of anything you don't want in it. Make sure you check when you're outside, too. 

Get On Their Level

If you get down to the level that your dog is on, you'll see pictures that come to life. That's because with a picture from their point of view, it really feels like the photo is a glimpse into your pup's world - a picture through their eyes!

Reward Your Pup

Make sure that your dog is getting rewards for all this hard work! They don't really know what's going on, only that you're tossing commands at them. So if you reward your dog with a little treat after you take a picture, they'll be happy and even look at you (adorably) for me. Offer them toys, too, because getting some pictures of them chewing on their favorite toy could be adorable. 

Minimize Commands & Stay Still

Try to only command your dog when you need them to move. The more you talk, the more excited they get. This can sometimes get them a little too hyperactive. It's the same way with movement - just move when you can so they're not trying to move all the time with you. 

Good luck and make sure to share those pictures once you get them!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes