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Doggy Germs - Do They Matter?

We love our dogs, but we must admit that they aren't the cleanest animals in our lives. They love to roll in mud, play with other pups, slobber, and even eat some pretty nasty things. So what does this mean when we kiss them or when they snuggle in your bed at night? Here's some info on how your pups' germs will (or won't) affect you. 

Yes, dogs can carry diseases. But can they pass those diseases to you? It depends. While pups can carry parvovirus and canine influenza, these diseases can't jump across species. So, you won't catch your dog's sniffles by kissing them. 

The only diseases you should be concerned about are zoonotic diseases, which can be passed from animals. These diseases include rabies and lyme disease. Signs of rabies in your pup are pretty obvious, so just be wary of that. In terms of lyme disease, you'll always want to check your pup for fleas and ticks and make sure they're on top of their tick medication. Another disease to be wary of is leptospirosis, which can be dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. 

Despite the danger of these diseases, it's generally okay to love upon your dogs - with caution. It's not a great idea to let your pups lick your face, but it's totally okay to give them hugs. Even though you use a bag to pick up your dog's business, it's best to wash your hands afterwards. 

So, letting your pup sleep in your bed isn't a bad thing. Just always be aware of their health and mood. And maybe stay away from swapping saliva with them. 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes