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Doggy Holiday Present Ideas

We're in the midst of the holiday season, and you know what that means: present time! If you're trying to figure out the pawfect holiday present for your dog, we have a few ideas. Here are some great doggy holiday present ideas for 2019.

Heated Sleeping Pad

Does your dog always try to snuggle in bed with you at night to stay warm? Help keep them warm with a heated sleeping pad. You can get a bed that comes heated or you can add a heating pad to a bed that you already have. Just make sure that it's meant to stay on and meant for a pup!


Okay, so this is more for you than for your dog, but it will certainly help them, too! While a microchip is a great way to reunite you with your dog if the worse happens, Tile is a way to find directly where your dog is. Tile is a small square that communicates with your devices through apps and works as a GPS tracker, so that you know exactly where it is. Tiles can easily be attached to dog collars, which can then help you find your pup when they're hiding in the bushes or in the unfortunate case that they get out of the gate.

Local Buys

Shopping local is always a great idea around the holidays, as it helps support local businesses and local artists. Try stopping at some smaller shops to see if there are toys for your pup, treats, or other things you can get for your pup. 

Doggy Steps

Does your tiny pup have trouble getting up into bed at night? Make it easier on them by adding a set of steps! They'll be able to hop up into bed or onto the sofa without you worrying about their little legs.

Dog Jacket & Boots

In many parts of the United States, winters can get cold, bitter, and snowy. Keep your pup warm by fitting them with boots and a jacket. They might try to kick the boots off, so there are many different kinds that you can get to help them stay on. You can also get different types of coats with the right material for the weather.


No matter what you get your pup for the holiday season, just be sure to give them plenty of love!

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Jenna Gomes