February 09, 2017

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Doggy Proposal Ideas

Valentine's Day is only a few days away and romance is in the air! Valentine's Day is a perfect time of year to pop the question to the one you love. And what better way to propose than with your favorite furry friend? Here are some great doggy proposal ideas so that your pup can have a part in your engagement story. 

Personalized Dog Tag

It's easy to stop by a local pet store and make your own dog tag. Instead of putting your pup's name on it, write, "Will you marry me?" It'll be adorable when your partner unsuspectingly checks out your dog's new "name tag." 

Play Ring-Fetch

This could take some commitment - but if your dog learns new tricks quickly, then this is perfect for you. Train your dog to run and get the ring when you say a certain command or phrase. Then when you're ready for the big day, say "Go get it" to your dog and watch the look on your partner's face when they come back with a ring box! (Just make sure you dog doesn't try to eat it.)

Paint the Question

If you're looking for a fun and goofy way to ask (and your dog is a good canvas) use doggy-safe hairspray to paint the question before you pop it! It makes for some cute photo-ops and hairspray like this is made specifically for dogs and vet-approved. So they won't be uncomfortable and it won't hurt them.

Collar Ring

If you find training your dog a little too difficult, simply attach the ring to their color. There are a variety of safe ways to do this, and even specific collars for the purpose that hold onto the ring (and look pretty fly.)

Make a Sign

If you're crafty, construct a small, lightweight sign to hang around your dog's neck. When the time is right, call them into the room and let them strut their sign. When you do make your sign, make sure that your pup can walk without tripping over it. 

No matter how you pop the question to your partner, you know that it'll be one of the best days of your lives - especially if your dog is there to share it with you!

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