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Dogust Holidays!

Happy Dogust! I mean... August! This month is chock full of canine-themed holidays that you can celebrate with your pup. Here are some major ones coming up this month:

August 7-13: International Assistance Dog Week

Most dogs have the luxury of lying around and basically doing nothing, but not all dogs do! Some go the extra step as aid dogs, and there are tons of them! There are dogs that work as guide dogs, hearing aler dogs, seizure alert dog, and medical response dogs. So, in 2009, Marcie Davis, the founder of Working Like Dogs, started this holi-week to celebrate service dogs! You can find out exactly how to celebrate here

August 15: National Check the Chip Day

This day helps spread awareness of the importance of microchipping your pup and keeping that microchip updated. Almost 10 million dogs and cats go missing every year, and microchips are crucial in returning missing pets to their parents. Use this day to either microchip their unchipped pet or check their current microchips to make sure they have relevant contact and address information. 

August 20: International Homeless Animals Day

On the third Saturday of August every year comes your chance to honor pets not as lucky as yours. You can show your compassion for these animals on this day by participating in an online candlelight vigil for all those animals still looking for homes. This day was founded in 1991 by the International Society for Animal Rights, which works to reduce animal homelessness and help shelter animals. 

August 26: National Dog Day

 And of course, a counterpart to National Puppy Day, National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, young or old! It was established in 2004 by Colleen Page, the creator of National Puppy Day and a pet and family lifestyle expert. It's a chance to pay some extra attention to your pup and to honor working dogs like service dogs, canine police, and military dogs. Their website gives you 20 different ways to celebrate!


So get out there and take Dogust by storm!

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Jenna Gomes