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Exactly How Long Does a Hydroponic Dog Lawn Last?

If you're a fan of Fresh Patch, then you know that all of our products feature hydroponically-grown grass. Of course, this word may not mean much to you. Here's exactly what "hydroponic" means and how long you can expect your Fresh Patch to last. 

While the grass in our backyards or in the local park might grow out of the soil, there's actually another way to grow grass. Grass can still be grown without soil through using a combination of water and nutrients (hence the "hydro" part of "hydroponics"). After grass is grown through the hydroponics process, it functions the same way as any other grass you encounter! The difference between hydroponically-grown grass and grass grown in soil is that the hydroponic option is much less messy.

This is why we use hydroponically-grown grass in our Fresh Patch products! This is all a way of saying - when you get a Fresh Patch, you're getting real grass without the mess and bugs that come with dirt and soil. 

If you're thinking about getting a Fresh Patch for your pup or your dog is a new Fresh Patch user, you might be wondering - how long do hydroponic dog lawns actually last? 

This answer can differ depending on how often your pup uses their Fresh Patch, but the important thing to remember is that because hydroponically-grown grass is real grass, it stays fresh and healthy for a long time! The grass absorbs much of the smell that an artificial grass patch wouldn't, which means you can go longer in between changes.

Most Fresh Patches can last two weeks to three weeks depending on how much your pup uses it. If your dog is a larger breed or heavy, you might need to replace your Fresh Patch sooner than you would with a lighter dog. Thankfully, we have different patch sizes for your different-size pups!

To keep the Fresh Patch, well, fresh, you can spray water on it using a standard spray bottle. This will help it last longer. If you notice the grass starting to brown, this is when you should hop on over to our site and order a new patch! 

Don't want to order a new patch every time? No problem, we do subscription packages that will send you Fresh Patches on a regular basis. 

If you want your pup to try our hydroponically-grown dog lawn, head on over to our shopping section. 

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