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Fall Activities for You and Your Pup!

Fall Activities for You and Your Pup!

It's officially fall, and that means a season change for many of us! Whether you have a new furry family member this year or your pup has been around for a while, the fall season is always a perfect time to get out and explore with them. Here are some ideas of some fall activities you can do with your dog.

Apple Picking

Depending on what area of the country you're in, apple picking can be the perfect activity for you and your pup. It's outside, spacious, and gives your dog the opportunity for quality time with you. Many folks take along wagons with them to collect apples and to carry any tired puppies. Plus, apples are dog-safe treats, which means that you can share some of your apple pickings with your furry best friend!


Hayrides are a popular fall activity, and for a reason! They're a fun way to explore the local woods, farms, or other terrain around you. And often, they come with snacks! Before bringing your dog along to any hayrides in the area, make sure that they're dog-friendly. While many hayrides are human-only, others let you take your pup with you as long as they're on a leash. And if your dog enjoys car rides, think about how excited they'll be for a hayride!


Whether your area calls them Fall Festivals, Harvest Festivals, or anything else, seasonal festivals are some of the most enjoyable parts of every season! Since most festivals are entirely outside, you'll be able to bring your pup along for the fun. Fall festivals particularly usually have markets with homemade treats - maybe even dog treats!

Corn Maze

If you live in the Midwest, you've likely been to a corn maze at least once or twice. But have you gone with your pup yet? Corn mazes can be just as fun for your dog as they are for you, especially since your pup has a lot more to lead you with - their nose! Just like with hayrides, be sure to check that your pup is allowed to accompany you before taking them with you, and as always - leash them up!


The happiest of fall wishes to you and your pup!

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