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Fall Fashion for Your Pup

When the fall season starts rolling around, it's time to pull out the flannel, boots, and scarves. Even if you're in a warm climate, you can appreciate the season by wearing certain colors and styles. And why shouldn't your pup have fun with fall fashion, too? Here are some fall fashion tips for your furry best friend.


In some climates, fall nights can get veeery chilly. If you want to help your pup get cozier on these days or nights, consider an adorable sweatervest. Nothing says "fall" like a sweatervest - the perfect in-between garment. And if you're feeling bold, maybe even wear a matching one! 


Sometimes, the fall season can see quite a bit of rain, especially if you live in the northwest. If your dog hates getting wet, or if you just want to help keep them dry and warm, consider zipping (or clipping, or velcroing) them into a raincoat. This way, they can spend time outside without getting their fur completely soaked. 


Admit it - your dog always looks adorable in a bandanna. These are also a great compromise if your dog doesn't like wearing shirts or sweaters. You can find a bandanna with fall patterns like plaid or designs with fall leaves. You can tie a bandanna around their neck, attach it to their color, or even around their head if they like a little ear protection.

Fall Colors

If your dog doesn't love wearing sweaters or coats, you shouldn't make them into one! However, you can still appreciate the fall season by choosing a new leash or collar in themed colors, like leafy greens or spooky purples. If you're wanting to go directly for a Halloween reference, maybe buy them an orange-and-black collar and leash. 

Halloween Costumes

Of course, this is the most obvious way to celebrate the fall season. If you are a lover of Halloween, then you should be sure that your dog is celebrating properly, too! Even before the holiday itself, you can start celebrating by putting your dog in cute Halloween-themed shirts or bandannas. If your dog doesn't like wearing clothes, you're not out of luck! You can get themed harnesses that have spiders attached to them or ghosts all over them. This way, when you walk your dog, you're bringing the Halloween season with you!

Remember, don't ever force your dog into something they don't want to wear. But do keep that fall season alive with both your style and your dog's style. 

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Jenna Gomes