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Flying with Dogs

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, a lot of travelling happens within a few short months. If your pup is accompanying you on your travels, you'll want to make sure they're comfy and happy, and that everyone else is, too. Here are FAQs on how to fly easily with your dog.

How do I take my dog through the airport?

Your dog goes through the security checkpoint just like an extra special luggage baggage. Except instead of going through the scanner, they walk with you through the metal detector. 

Do I need a reservation for my dog?

Yes. Most airlines require you to contact them and make a reservation for your dog, since around six pets/pet carriers are allowed on each flight.

Can I carry my dog on? 

Yes. Most airlines do not allow dogs in cargo as it is not very safe and will be a frightening and even dangerous experience for your dog. 

How much does it cost to travel with my dog?

It varies from airline to airline, but typically it costs from $85 to $200 to travel with your dog each way. 

Can I bring my dog on in a carrier?

Yes, but the carrier itself will usually be counted as a personal item, which you are typically only allowed two of. 

What if I have a big dog?

Depending on the airline, big dogs might not be allowed. Currently most airline policies only take into account smaller dogs. 

 Some other helpful tips are to muzzle your dog if they're large. While you may know that your dog won't bite anyone, it puts passengers at ease. If you can, make sure that you get an open seat next to you to leave room for your dog. Have happy and safe travels! 

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