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Fresh Patch - How it can be used for Apartment Dog Grass

apartment dog grass


Having a new puppy is tricky - you have to teach them how to behave, watch them at all times and teach them how to use a potty. Fresh Patch’s incredible home grass invention makes the training so much easier, taking the pressure off both you and your dog.

For dog owners who live in apartments, the training can be even more difficult. A puppy isn’t developed enough yet to let their owner know when they need to pee, and have no real control over it yet, so when they need to go it needs to be straight away. If you live in a high up apartment block, then getting out of the house and into the garden or to a park can take time that you just don’t have, which is more likely to result in your dog having an accident.

This is when it would come in really useful if your dog could do their business inside the apartment. Thankfully, Fresh Patch’s incredible home grass invention can make this happen.

The hydroponically grown, dirt-free training pads are made from real grass and can be placed in your home, giving your dog the impression that they are peeing on the grass just like when they are outside. This makes the training so much easier, for both you and your dog.

The Fresh Patch dog grass pee pad absorbs liquids and controls odours naturally, and doesn’t leave a lasting smell lingering in your home. If your apartment has a balcony then it can be placed on there and can be covered up if it rains. This will get your dog used to being outside to pee without having to actually take them outside.

Your puppy will get used to the spot that their apartment dog grass is left in, and will soon learn that this is where they need to go whenever they need to do their business. With plenty of encouragement, so that they know that they are allowed to use this and won’t get in trouble for it, they will soon go there on their own accord without being taken. This will develop their learning and help them understand the importance of doing their business on grass.

As the training pads are dirt-free, then hardly any cleaning needs to be taking place, you just need to remove their poops just like you would outside. So you won’t have to spend lots of time clearing up after your dog when they do their business on your apartment dog grass.

When you first receive your Fresh Patch through the post, we recommend you remove the cover first of all (and keep this ready for when you need to dispose of the product). Then pop this in your apartment in a place most convenient for you, either by the door or, ideally, on a balcony. Introduce your dog to this by showing them this is now where they will need to go to do their business. They are easy to dispose of when finished with - simply pop the lid back on and dispose of.

The best thing about Fresh Patch is that it is the perfect solution to help you to carry on with your everyday life. It is hard enough leaving your beloved pet during the day whilst you work or run errands, that you can do without the added worry of whether they need the potty whilst they are stuck inside the apartment, with no choice to just go in there or upset themselves trying to hold it in. With the addition of apartment dog grass, your dog has somewhere they can go and do their business, meaning you can carry on with your normal routine without worrying about them all day long.

One important factor to remember is to ensure that when you do get a chance that you are taking your dog still out for walks. This will give them the exercise and fresh air that they need, and can also give them the opportunity to learn further skills with potty training and how to do their business in another environment to their doggie grass.

Fresh Patch’s apartment dog grass is, therefore, a great substitution for real grass and an ideal way to teach your puppy the importance of peeing on grass; speeding up their training and reducing the stress on both you and your dog. What’s more, Fresh Patch delivery takes only 3-5 days to arrive, so this can be brought straight to your door without having to go out and purchase it. It is easy to sign up for a monthly subscription in case you forget to reorder, and this can be cancelled at any time. With such an easy and efficient service it is definitely worth treating your dog to this ideal alternative to the potty or going outdoors.
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