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Get Excited for "Dogs"

So, obviously, you're already excited about dogs, however, prepare to get even more excited. Netflix is soon releasing a six-part documentary entitled "Dogs."

This dogumentary (sorry, we had to) about man's best friend is the exact thing you've been looking for on Netflix. It's wholesome, it's educational, and, most of all, it's adorable.

Each episode of the six-part series will feature pups out in the world, all set in different cities to allow us a sneak peek into what our favorite furry friends are doing in countries like the U.S., Japan, Italy, Syria, and Costa Rica.

Fair warning: you'll be shedding tears. There are both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories that will require cuddles from your dog and a box of tissues. The first episode focuses on an eleven-year-old epileptic girl and her dog, Rory, who just happens to be a certified therapy dog. You'll see just how far he goes to keep her safe and, of course, to keep her happy. 

The second episode will rip you up even more - it's about a Syrian man who is attempting to cross the border into Lebanon and literally risks his life in order to bring his dog across. And this won't be the only story that shows just how deeply the bond between person and dog runs. 

Other stories focus on a dog shelter in Costa Rica that keeps dogs off the streets and an Italian fisherman and his dogs, who helps him with his fishing business.

This series will be released on November 16th (perfect timing for a Thanksgiving-weekend-binge). Until then, here's Netflix's official trailer for the series. Maybe don't watch this at work - you'll probably squeal out loud with cuteness:

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Jenna Gomes