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Getting Puppies Ready for Patios

Patio season is here, and though it certainly looks different than it did last summer, there are still patios open in many states. If you're wanting to enjoy dinner and drinks on a patio during the summer season, you certainly don't want to leave your puppy at home! Here are some tips on how to train your furry friend to be the perfect patio pup.

Bring Treats

Have treats on hand with you if you plan on taking your puppy to an outdoor socialization space. Since you're probably already using treats an an incentive to help train your pup, it's a smart choice to bring them along to a patio with you. This can help you encourage good behavior and can help you get your pup to listen.

Start with Quiet/Slow Days

When you're first introducing your pup to your favorite patio, try going on a quieter or slower day, like a weekday afternoon or night. Getting them used to the environment is key before adding more distractions, like loud music, more people, or other dogs. 

Keep a Tight (and the Right) Leash

When taking your pup to the patio, ensure that you have a tight hold on them. Giving them too much freedom might cause them to get more excited or get into trouble. You also want to make sure that you have the correct type of leash. Retractable leashes should be avoided at all times, but especially on a patio, as they could cause rope burn. Retractable leashes also don't offer as much control over your dog, as they can't readily feel the pressure you attempt to apply to them. 

Be Consistent 

Make rules for your pup and stay consistent with them. The more consistency you have, the easier it is for them to understand what's expected of them. For example, require them to sit if they want to be pet by others, or make them lie down while you're eating your food. 

Bring Water and Water Bowl

While every bar and patio has water, it's smart to bring your own water and water bowl just to be safe. This way, you can give water to your dog anytime they need it, as opposed to having to wait for a server to bring it or having to go inside and ask for some. 

Have Fun!

And of course, have fun! Bringing a puppy or even adult dog to a patio while make lots of people's days happier, so have fun and be prepared for plenty of comments on how adorable your pup is.

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Jenna Gomes