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Happy National Pet Day!

There are lots of pet holidays, but national pet day is one of the most fun. That's because it not only includes dogs, but all pets! The holiday, like many other pet holidays, was founded by Colleen Paige. It's a day to think about all pets and honor animals furry and feathery. "Here are some ways you can celebrate National Pet Day (or you can extend it throughout the week):

1. Volunteer. There are tons of places you can volunteer to give back to animals. You can volunteer at your local shelter to walk dogs or help clean up. Or, you can see if any neighbors need pet sitting or dog walking done. 

2. Go shopping. Go to the pet store with your pet and pick out toys they'll like and even some yummy treats. Just a tip: wait until you're back home from the store to let them try the toy out. 

3. Donate. Celebrate National Pet Day by donating some food, toys, or other pet supplies to local shelters. Shelters are often in need of supplies, since they don't have lots of extra funds on hand. You can also think about donating to financially-struggling families who have pets. 

4. Adopt. If you're ready for the ultimate commitment, head down to a local shelter and show your support for them by giving a pet a new home. Shelters don't just have dogs, either. They have cats, rabbits, birds, and more! You just have to search around.

5. Photos. Oh yeah, and take a bunch of photos to share! Grab adorable shots of all of your pets and upload them to social media. 

Oh yeah, and if you want official National Pet Day gifts, check out the shop here!

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