Have a Fun, Safe Memorial Day

May 15, 2017 2 min read

Memorial Day is just around the corner - which means a relaxing day off with friends or family. Memorial Day is about remembering those who gave their lives but it is also about spending quality time with those we love, and of course, barbecues. To make sure everybody stays safe on Memorial Day, here are some pet safety tips for the holiday.

No Table Scraps

Even if you're okay with giving your pup table scraps, make it a rule for the day that guests can't give you dog any food besides dog food/treats. Making that rule outright will make it easier than trying to monitor what your guests are giving them.

No Bones

Along with no table scraps, make a no bones rule, too. Bones can be dangerous for dogs because of their tough texture, gristle, and fat. This makes it hard for dogs to digest and can damage their pancreas. It's also a choking hazard if dogs try to swallow a bone. 

Fresh Water & Shade

The tools for a happy, healthy dog on a sunny day? Water and shade! If you're having a cookout or going to one, you should make sure that your pup has plenty of access to water and shade so that they don't get overheated. 

Keep Fireworks Far Away

Setting off your own small fireworks and sparklers are fun - but keep them away from your pup! They might get curious and get hurt. And if you're going to the big firework show? Leave your dog at home. They can become easily frightened by the loud noises and bright flashes that fireworks make.

Sunscreen for Everyone

Not only is it important for you to lather on your sunscreen, but it's important to put it on your dog, too. Even though they have fur, dogs can also get sunburn, which isn't only uncomfortable for them, but dangerous. Ask your vet for sunscreen recommendations since not all human sunscreens will be dog-friendly.

And as always, have fun! Hopefully these tips will help you keep your pup safe on Memorial Day as you remember those gone and spend some quality time with your family.

Jenna Gomes
Jenna Gomes