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How to Help the Dogs of Harvey

We've had quite the month of storms in the U.S. Both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma hit the south hard, not only leaving people without their homes, but leaving pets without their owners. 

Unfortunately, many people made the choice to flee Florida and Texas while not bringing their pets. This is a reminder, a pet is a responsibility for life! If you make disaster plans, always include your pets in them. As a result, many dogs are now left homeless after the storm, having gotten lost after being abandoned. 

Other pets that are now in need after the storm are the dogs and cats that needed to be evacuated from shelters in Texas and Florida. 

No matter where you are in the country, you might be able to help! Because of the storms, the pets in need have been flown or driven everywhere from New York to California. 

In Oakland, basketball rivals came together to welcome about 150 pets from Miami to Oakland. Team members of the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat worked with FedEx to help transport shelter animals to safety in Oakland, California. 

So how can you help? Well, by finding your new best friend! The pets who flew in from Miami will be put up for adoption in local shelters in the Bay Area, which means that they'll be in need of new homes!

Homeless dogs also found shelter (literally) in New Hampshire. A private airplane flew in 10 dogs and 16 cats that had rode out Irma in various Miami shelters. Now, these furry friends will be able to find a new home in New Hampshire, thanks to the NHSPCA.

New York City welcomed 19 dogs as well, all dogs who were evacuated from the Houston area. The pups, while traveling for a long time, are energetic and ready to find their new home. The dogs are all now at the ASPCA Adoption Center on the city's Upper East Side.

Chances are, there are more pups where that came from! Check in your area to see if any pups who stuck out the storm and have found themselves in local shelters. It would make a wonderful adoption story!

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Jenna Gomes