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How to Train Your Dog Where to Potty

With their hydroponically grown, dirt-free grass, Fresh Patch has become a phenomenon worldwide for this innovative product. Dog-owners have embraced the use of this grass in their homes, and because dogs naturally want to go to potty on grass to do their business, training has been found to be relatively simple.

However, there is still the question of how to train your dog where to potty with this grass. Fresh Patch considered this in their manufacturing, by making the grass absorb liquid and odours naturally. There is no cleaning required as the unit is fully disposable. This makes the user experience stress-free for the trainer, and therefore stress-free for the puppy. 

Potty training a puppy is never easy, and how quickly this is achieved can be determined by a number of factors. To help with this, we have listed some of the key objectives to help with how to train your dog where to potty:

  • Bigger dogs are said to be easier to train, as smaller dogs have little bladders and therefore need to pee more. 
  • You need to be consistent with your training - set a schedule and stick to it as to when to take them out.
  • The beauty of Fresh Patch’s product is that the dog will associate the fresh-smelling grass with the outside, so will naturally go to this to do their pee. Also, for smaller dogs who need to go quickly, it is a simple and quick solution.
  • Potty-training your dog can take on average 3-6 months, so by introducing the Fresh Patch porch potty for your dog straight away, the dog will automatically associate this with the outside.
  • When your dog needs to ‘go’, he will show some signs to let you know. So if he starts to go round in circles, or sniffing more, or comes to a sudden halt, it is time to encourage him to use his Fresh Patch straight away.
  • To start with, it could be a good idea to walk your dog to his Fresh Patch on his leash, to give him the impression that he is outside so that he associates going out onto ‘real grass’ as the same as the product (keep taking him for regular walks though so that he doesn’t think the Fresh Patch is a substitute for this)
  • The best time to potty train your puppy is when they are 3-4 months old. Keep them on a strict feeding regime so that they use the potty regularly. Also, accompany your pup when they are learning and give them plenty of encouragement so that they know they are doing a good job! Once they are mastering it, give them some rewards and treats too to encourage them even more.

Fresh Patch is an ideal way for your dog to go to the toilet in the night without having to get up and let them outside. This will encourage their independence and also mean you get an uninterrupted sleep!

The grass used in Fresh Patch is naturally absorbent so it can absorb the urine from the dog, and prevent any unwanted odors from lingering inside your house. It can be placed on a balcony or patio, keeping the dog outside but still in proximity to your home.


Fresh Patch offers some handy tips to dog owners to help them to get the best out of their product and to successfully teach you how to train your dog where to potty.

  • Firstly, make sure you open the cover as soon as it has been delivered, to get the optimum ‘freshness’ from the product.
  • Keep the Fresh Patch in one place and out of direct sunlight. If you are keeping it out on a balcony, then they would advise purchasing one of their plastic trays as the cardboard it comes in can get soggy when left out in the rain.
  • It is important to get rid of soiled waste immediately, just like you would if you were out walking your dog. This keeps the product fresher for longer, so your pup can get more use out of it. 
  • Avoid getting any water on it as this can wreck the grass.
  • To get your dog to get the hang of Fresh Patch, they have recommended wiping it with the dog’s urine using a paper towel, so that they recognise their scent as familiar on it so that they know that it is his safe spot to use.

Sometimes, when you think you may have cracked the potty-training, your pup may start picking up some habits that affect it. For example, you think once they have done their business they will move on, but sometimes you might find that your dog sits on for a bit longer, smelling the grass. They are doing this to sense possible signs of danger, so it would be advisable to keep your patch in the same part of the house so that they get used to this being their ‘safe’ territory.

Dogs have a tendency to dig and stomp at longer grass, as this is uncomfortable for them. Fresh Patch is perfect as it is short grass, making a nicer ‘potty experience’ for your pet!

We hope the above has given you some useful hints on how to train your dog where to potty, but if you would like to know more, then please contact the Fresh Patch team!

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