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Most Heartwarming Dog Stories of 2020

Sometimes, all you need is a good dog story to warm your heart! To help lift your spirits, we're here to share some of the most heartwarming dog stories of the year so far. 

Happy Adoption Story

Sadly, crowded shelters often mean that some dogs get overlooked. One of those dogs is Chester, an adorable mutt who was at a shelter for a jaw-dropping FIVE years without finding a home. The shelter's employees took to social media to try to find Chester a home and it worked! After literally half a decade of living in a shelter, Chester found a loving family of four that took Chester in as one of their own. And now's, he's happier than ever.

Makeover Story

Many dogs have to live on the street, either because they've been born as a stray dog, or, more commonly, because they're dumped by their owners. Mufasa the mutt was one of these dogs. As an old dog, he was struggling on the street and had taken up residence near a water treatment plant facility when his rescuers found him. Mufasa had been on the street for so long that his hair was mangled, and he looked like a combination of a hyena and a lion. After his rescuers were able to catch him, they gave him a total makeover by giving him a luxurious bath and a proper haircut. The result? One of the world's cutest faces that quickly found him a forever home. Check it out Mufasa's transformation here.

 Poh's Journey

One of the hardest parts about bonding with our dogs is that eventually, we'll have to let them go. When Neil Rodriguez's dog, Poh, was given a terminal prognosis, he decided the best thing to do would be to give Poh the trip of a lifetime. Neil and Poh traveled all the way from their home in New York City to Seattle, San Francisco, and the rest of the country on a "bucket list" mission. Together, the two saw the most beautiful sights of the country while celebrating the wonderful life Poh had.

The Great Rescue

Just a few weeks ago, a man risked his life to save a woman and her dog. At 5:30 p.m. on March 7th, a man, Alfonzo Hernandez, noticed smoke coming from a neighorhood close to his workplace. When he investigated, he discovered a house that was on fire, with several people attempting to open the door of the home. Hernandez busted through the door and was helped the elderly woman and her dog get out of the home. Good thing he did, too - the woman was in the shower and wasn't aware a fire had started. Thanks to Hernandez, she and her dog made it out okay!

Special Delivery

In early March, a FedEx driver went above and beyond to make a special deliver - a dog! Lisa Menzies was on vacation when a strong wind blew open the front door to her home and her dog, Catcher, decided to go on an adventure. Thankfully, a FedEx driver found Catcher and checked the address on her collar. Through FedEx, he was able to send her an alert that he found her dog and was delivering her right to her door! Because the door was open, the driver was able to drop Catcher off back inside the house. What's even more adorable is that the adorable delivery is caught on the doorbell camera.

Do you have heartwarming stories about your dog or other dogs? Give us a shout-out on Twitter, @freshpatch and tell us your story!

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Jenna Gomes