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October Dog Holidays

Halloween isn't the only holiday in October that is celebrated. Check out these less spooky (but more furry) dog holidays. 

Adopt-A-Dog Month & Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month

October is home to both of these holidays. Adopt-A-Dog was started by the American Humane Association and the similarly-named holiday, Adopt-a-Shelter Dog, was founded by the ASPCA. Both of these holidays encourage those looking to expand their furry family to look into adopting dogs that need homes instead of purchasing dogs. Adopting dogs is a great way to grow your family and help give a pup in need a loving home. 

National Animal Safety and Prevention Month

If we love our pets, it's important to protect them. That's why October was deemed National Animal Safety and Prevention Month. This holiday prioritizes our pets and wild animals by spreading awareness about how to take care of and best provide for all kinds of animals. You can celebrate this holiday in a number of ways, like making sure your house is dog-proofed, educating others about animals, or just making sure your furry friends are registered and have informational tags. 

National Pet Wellness Month

Much like National Animal Safety and Prevention Month, National Pet Wellness Month makes it easy to celebrate your pet and their health. This holiday is dedicated to encouraging owners to take their pup to bi-annual health exams. This keeps your pup in tip-top shape and ensures that they get the best care they need to stay by your side for a long time. 

National Pit Bull Awareness Month

This holiday was founded by a dog mom who wanted to honor her lovable pit bull, Tiffin. This month not only gives pit bull owners a chance to celebrate their pups, but also opens the door for breed education. Pit bulls are often stereotyped as aggressive when really, pit bulls are some of the most loyal, loving dogs. To celebrate this month, you can encourage others to get to know the dog itself, not just label them because of their breed. 

Keep your eyes peeled this month for other fun, furry ways to celebrate October. 

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