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Pet-Safe Holiday Decorations

Pet-Safe Holiday Decorations

With the holiday season fully upon us, now's the time to start decorating our houses! Here are some ideas for holiday decorations that you can enjoy without your pets destroying them. 

Fake Poinsettias (and other plants)

While poinsettias are beautiful, they are unfortunately toxic to cats and dogs. If you want the look of poinsettias without the danger to your animals, invest in some fake poinsettias! There are many quality poinsettia decorations that are nearly as pretty as the real thing! Real holly and mistletoes should be avoided as well. If you have a real tree, be sure to clean u p the pine needles regular, since these can also cause irritation in your pet's stomach. 

Layer Ornaments Strategically

If you have fragile ornaments, be sure to put them near the top of the tree rather than the bottom. Not only does this help keep your nice ornaments from breaking, but it also prevents your cat or dog from being injured or cut from the broken ornament. You can also put toys on the bottom so that if you have any cats, they can take them and play with them safely. 

Use Tinsel Sparingly

Tinsel is bright and shiny, so no wonder it catches the eyes of your pets! While it is pretty, be sure to use it only where your animals don't go, or in places they can't reach. Tinsel can get caught in their throats, and obviously, ingesting a lot of it isn't a good idea! 

Be Careful of the Gifts Left Out!

If you're leaving wrapped gifts out for the season, think twice before putting it somewhere your pets can reach. Dogs and cats can sniff out any yummy snacks like truffles or cheese, and they might enjoy tearing apart a present if it feels soft or fluffy, like a toy. Try to keep some of the "risky" gifts separate. 

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