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Picking the Right Size Pup

Are you ready for a new furry friend in your life? Choosing a new dog can be very exciting but sometimes it's hard to know how to choose the right one! Here are some things you should consider if you're not sure what size dog you should get. 

Are you strong?

Bigger dogs means heavier dogs. If you are unable to lift a lot or have any chronic problems that prevent you from being able to walk well, smaller dogs might be the way to go. If your dog is too heavy for you to lift, it can be harder to help them in emergencies and harder for you to control them. 

Are you active?

If you love hiking, running, or swimming and want a furry friend by your side, a big dog might be a better choice. That's because they can handle active activities like hiking more than little dogs can. 

Are you a home owner or renter?

Many places that you rent from have restrictions on how much your dog can weigh or even what breed they can be (this usually applies to *wrongly labeled* "aggressive" breeds.) If you rent and intend to, it might be easier to choose a small dog to ensure that you can keep it with you in the future. 

Are you able to afford lots of food?

It's pretty simple when you think about it, but the bigger the dog, the more food they eat! If you're on a budget it'll cost much less to feed a smaller dog. 

Are you home a lot?

Smaller dogs have smaller bladders. Although they tend to drink less, they usually end up having to go to the bathroom more often than bigger dogs, who can hold it longer. 

How much space do you have?

Actually, this was a trick question. A bigger dog doesn't necessarily need more space! Energy levels in dogs are dependent on their breed or personality, so you could have a Great Dane or a Dachshund in the same size apartment and have them be equally happy! Just make sure you can exercise them!

Ultimately, it's just about what's right for you! But hopefully these questions helped you decide what kind of pup fits best into your lifestyle!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes