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Preparing Your Dog for 4th of July

Preparing Your Dog for 4th of July

With 4th of July coming soon, you'll want to be prepared for all the things that can come with a fireworks show. While some pups aren't bothered by fireworks, others can suffer from anxiety and fear. Here are some safety tips to help prepare you and your pup for the 4th of July. 

Leave Your Pup At Home

If you're going to 4th of July parties or gatherings, be sure to leave your dog at home. While they might typically love going out to patios or to friends' homes, 4th of July weekend is a bit too risky. Even if there aren't fireworks planned at a location, folks might be setting off their own fireworks. Bring them to the next (quieter) gathering instead.

Have a Safe Space

Does your pup love a particular room? Make this their "safe" space during the weekend. If you leave, close them in this space and give them toys, water, a bed, etc. This way, if they panic while you're gone, they're at least somewhere where they feel comfortable, and won't destroy anything or get into anything they aren't supposed to out of anxiety. 

Consider a Thundershirt

Thundershirts, or anxiety vests of other brands, can help calm your pup in their anxious moments. They hug your dog tightly and add weight and pressure to their chest to help ease them. These shirts can help calm them down and can minimize the chance of them hurting themselves due to anxiety.

Avoid all Outside Time

More dogs go missing on the 4th of July and surrounding days than any other holiday. While your dog typically might stay close to you in the yard, fireworks add in a whole other factor that might cause them to get spooked. Dogs can jump fences or wiggle out through spaces they never have simply because they're scared and determined. Do not let your dog have unsupervised time outside during the holiday weekend. Obviously your dog has to go potty, so using a Fresh Patch for the weekend is a great idea. If you do take them outside to potty, be sure to leash them up and have a strong hold on them. 

Have a Pet Sitter Stay with Your Dog

The other thing you can consider, especially if you're away for the weekend, is having a pet sitter stay with your dog at your house. This is more ideal than just checking in on your pup, because they can stay with them and help them manage their anxiety.


So as always, have fun this holiday weekend, but be sure to keep you and your dog safe!


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Jenna Gomes