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Pup Potty Tips While Travelling

Pup Potty Tips While Travelling

The holiday season means travel for a lot of folks, and for a lot of pets! Unfortunately, travel can sometimes be hard on pups and make potty time for difficult. Here are some tips to help your dog go potty while away from home.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is not only helpful - it's often essential! Scope out some potty spots where your dog will feel comfortable going. When you're on the road and looking for somewhere to stop, read reviews of the location ahead of time. 

Have a "Go" Word Ready

In new environments, dogs (especially puppies) can get distracted. Having a "go" word ready can help your dog be prepared to go in any situation. This involves some training, of course, but can help make travelling and potty time at home easier. 

Find Somewhere Quiet

If you're stopping for gas and a potty break, try to find a gas station in a slightly quieter area. Often, gas stations are right off the interstate and can be very noisy, which can be distracting for a dog. 

Be Patient - But Don't Wait Forever

When taking a mid-trip potty break, be patient with your pup. Let them sniff out the area and don't try to rush them, as this can sometimes make them nervous. However, oftentimes, pups will just pee on the road, not poo. This is often due to being nervous or just travelling interfering with their digestive system. So don't wait too long for them to do Number 2 - it just might not happen while on the road!

Bring a Fresh Patch

This is why a Fresh Patch can be your best friend - at or away from home! Bring your Fresh Patch with you on a road trip as a backup. It'll help your pup feel more comfortable, ensure there aren't accidents in a hotel room, and can help you if there ends up being bad weather.

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