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Relieving Your Dog in Airports

Travelling can be fun, but it can also be ruff (pun intended) on your pup. If you have your dog in tow when you go the airport, there's lots to think about - especially if you're connecting flights and spending a lot of time in the airport. One of the biggest things to think about is how your dog will go to the bathroom. We're here with some tips to help guide you depending on where in the U.S. you're going. 

Logan International Airport - Boston

At Logan, there are a couple options for your dog's potty-time. There are four different patches (called Petports) that can be found in Terminal A, B, C, and E. Unlike Fresh Patch's fresh grass, however, they simply have turf grass.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport - Chicago

Chicago cares about its pets - not just the city,but the airport! O'Hare has a large Pet Relief Room. In there, you'll find grass patches (only artificial, though), with hydrants as well as a pop-up sprinkler system, all of which can find it in Terminal 3. There are also outdoor relief areas where pups can use the bathroom on real grass and wood chips. These areas are outside Terminal 1, 2, and 5. 

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - Dallas

There's plenty of land in Texas, and plenty of potty areas in their airport. Three separate pet relief areas can be found in Terminals B, D, and E. These are all inside security. You can even head to a pet spa in this airport, which is 24 hours and has plenty of toys and services for your pup. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport - New York

JFK has plenty of spots for pets to relieve themselves and relax. Terminal 4 has a pet-relief area that is 70 square-foot and has artificial grass, a fire hydrant, and bags to pick up after your pup. There's also a similar spa to the Dallas airport in the JFK airport. 

Los Angeles International Airport - Los Angeles

On the west coast, they take care of their pups. The airport has three mini "Pet Parks" that have room for your pup to play as well as seven different pet relief stations for your pup to go potty. The "Parks" are located between Terminal 1 and 2 and between 7 and 8. You can even unleash your dog at the areas at Terminals 1 and 2. 

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Seattle

Three different pet relief stations can be found in this airport, including one outside security. The relief areas here compared to some other airports are a little sparse, but you'll still find some fake grass for your dog to go potty on. The relief area outside security is a little more versatile, with both sandy areas and areas with real grass. 

Washington Dulles International Airport - Washington, D.C.

If your dog is picky about where they "go", this airport is prepared. You'll have multiple options here for your pup to go to the bathroom. Past security, there are two indoor areas for your pup to go. Inside of the terminal, there are three different pet relief areas both inside and outside, depending on where your pup prefers to go potty!

Most airports now have ample accommodations for your pet. Just be sure to call ahead, wherever you're going, and ask where your pup can "go"! Happy travels!

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