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Rovember Dog Holidays

Rover is ready for November! This month is packed with tons of holidays for pup and pup owner to celebrate. Here are some:

National Senior Pet Month/Adopt a Senior Pet Month

This holiday, started by the ASPCA, acknowledges the need to give older pups homes. Getting shelter dogs into loving homes can be hard enough, but it's even harder to find homes for older dogs. That's why ASPCA has dedicated the month of November to raising awareness about senior dogs that need homes. Taking in an older dog can be rewarding for both you and the pup-at-heart.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

If you wanted another eason to hate cancer... here it is: it happens to pets, too. Pet Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated twice a year, and sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) and the Animal Cancer Foundation. This month of awareness helps to educate pet owners on how to look out for cancer and how to help your pet manage cancer if they're diagnosed.

Pet Diabetes Month

This month is all about raising awareness of pet illness. Besides raising awareness of pet cancer, November is also about raising awareness of pet diabetes. Just as it can happen to you, it can also happen to your pup. Pet Diabetes Month exists to educate pet owners about how to keep an eye out for their pup's health, how to minimize the risk that your pup might develop diabetes, and how to manage diabetes if your pup has already been diagnosed.

Celebrate November by putting some extra care into your pup's health (or adopting that adorable older dog you saw at the shelter).

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Jenna Gomes