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Safe May Flowers for Your Dog

Safe May Flowers for Your Dog

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, if you're a plant- or flower-lover, we have some tips for you! Here are some flowers and plants that are safe to have for your pup, and some that you should avoid. 

Dog-Safe Flowers


Fuchsia isn't just a color - it's a flower, too! Fuchsias bloom in late spring and can thrive in gardens in temperate climates. However, you can also keep fuchsias inside. And not only are they colorful in springtime, but they also are dog-safe, even if your pup gets curious about how they taste!


Sunflowers - the classic flower of spring and summer! Not only are sunflowers beautiful to grow (they can grow very tall!), but they're also beautiful in bouquets. Whether you grow them in your yard or if you just keep them in a vase in your house, they're going to be gorgeous and safe for curious pups!


These colorful flowers are the perfect springtime flower to amplify cheer. Snapdragons can be orange, yellow, magenta, pink, and a variety of other colors. These flowers add flower to any garden, and even if your pup sniffs them, they won't get sick. 

Dog-Safe Plants


Rosemary is not only a plant that will help your garden (or your kitchen) smell great; you can also use it when cooking! Rosemary is a cooking ingredient that will enhance many dishes, and it is easy to grow both outside or inside in specific potting. If your dog tries to eat a little, that's totally okay! Rosemary is not toxic to pups.  


Dill is another plant that you can grow and eat! Dill can be blended into dressings or added to soups. Many sauces call for dill as an extra seasoning, so you might enjoy cooking with it! If you do decide to grow dill in your garden, it's totally safe for you dog as well. 

Polka-Dot Plant

Another plant you can grow (if you're not interested in eating it) is the polka-dot plant. These leaves bring a pop of pink color to your garden or house, and love the shade. That means that even if you grow them inside, or live in a cloudy environment, these plants will thrive. And your dog won't be hurt by them!

Flowers and Plants to Avoid

You should definitely avoid the following flowers and plants, which are most toxic to pups if they come into contact with them:

  • Daffodils
  • Nightshade
  • Hemlock
  • Azaleas
  • Grapevines
  • Wild cherry
  • Elephant ears
  • Mistletoe
  • Oleander

Keep in mind that there are many other safe and toxic plants out there, so always do your research before planting new flowers! 

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