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Spring Break Road Trips with Your Pup

Spring Break Road Trips with Your Pup

Does your dog love car rides? Why not give them the ultimate treat - a trip with you! Even if you don't have a "spring break" away from your job, even a day trip will be a nice reward for your pup as the weather starts getting nice for many folks across the country. Here are some ideas for some spring road trips you can take with your pup.

A New Dog Park

Want to give you pup an extra treat? Take them to a new dog park! You can make a special event of it by going a little farther than usual. We suggest looking up the best dog parks near you and trying out the biggest, most fun park you can find. That way, your dog get a longer car ride and gets to enjoy something new.

Beach Day

Depending on where you live, springtime can make for an ideal beach day! Even if the water is too cold, a nice sunny day on the sand is a great way to relax - for you and your dog. With beach rentals available on nearly every shore in the U.S., it would also be a great time to take a weekend away, just you and your pup. Just be sure to look up dog-friendly beaches so that you know your pup is allowed and that it will be safe for them. 

Camping Adventure

If it's warm enough for a camping trip in your area, this might be the perfect weekend activity for you and your dog to enjoy. If you have more time on your hands and are okay with a longer trip, you can always drive to somewhere with a warmer climate and camp there as well. We always recommend bringing friends or family along for added camping safety, as well as looking up information on the camping area to ensure that it's dog-friendly.

Explore Hiking Trails

Most of the country is fortunate enough to be near some kind of hiking trails, whether that's through the woods, on a mountain, or in the prairie. If your pup loves walks, then they'll definitely love hiking with you. For added adventure, take a long car ride with your pup and make it a mini road-trip! You can just do a day trip this way, or drive to multiple hiking trails and make it a few days of fun. 


Welcome, spring! We hope you and your pup have plenty of fun enjoying the season.

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