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Sun Protection for Pups

Everywhere across the U.S., it's starting to warm up. For the southern-most states, it's even been warm for a couple months now! With the weather changing for many states, it's important to remind everybody that dogs need to be protected from the sun's rays just as much as us humans need to. 

Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is something that we typically associate with humans, but dogs sometimes need protective clothing, too! This is especially important if your pup has recently gone through surgery and has a shaved part of their body that is more exposed. If so, you might want to consider putting your pup in a t-shirt that is made for them. If you ever consider protecting your dog's skin with clothing, make sure that it's clothing made specifically for pups instead of just human clothing that you try to fit your dog in. 


Yes, there is dog sunscreen! Never use human sunscreen on your dog, as it can have chemicals that are harmful or even fatal to pups. Zinc oxide is a very common chemical in sunscreen that is extremely toxic to pets. To avoid it all together and feel peace of mind, you should seek out sunscreen that is specifically for dogs. There are a variety of brands out there, many of which you can find at your local pet store.


Of course, keep your dog hydrated! The hotter it is, the more water your dog needs. Be sure to carry water with you if you're going on a long walk, run, or to the dog park. There are portable water bowls that you can carry with you to make it even easier to keep your pup hopped on H20. 

Find Shade

If you have a pup that loves the sun, that's okay! Just be sure to limit their time in the sun. If you're going to a dog park, look for available shade. Make sure that they're spending plenty of time in the shade or inside as well as in the sun. Balancing this will help keep them from overheating. 

Helping Sunburned Pups

If your dog does get sunburned, you have to be careful about how you treat their sun damage. When treating sunburn, the key is to be gentle. Bathe them with cool water (not warm or hot) and use a gentle, soap-free product to wash them. There are shampoos made specifically for dogs, without soap. There are also some shampoos that are for burnt skin. Lather your pup up and make sure to soap their fur and skin thoroughly. This will help alleviate the pain of the burn for your dog and to moisturize their skin for healing. 

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