April 21, 2017

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The Bravest Owner

We've had quite a few stories about owners saving their dogs from perilous situations... and it's happened again!

On Tuesday, April 18th, John Brady was out on Avalon Pier with his Jack Russell Terrier, Josh. In the age of the digital media, it was all caught on video by a bystander and posted to Facebook.

The incident started when two larger dogs ran at Brady's Jack Russell. When they went after Josh, Brady picked him up. That's when the dogs began attacking Brady. As he told KTLA 5 news, "It was so scary. I was just face to the ground, and just being chewed on by... I couldn't even call them dogs."

It's important to remember that it's not common for dogs to show this kind of aggression, but that it's likely that these dogs have showed aggression before. The owner of the dogs is seen in the video, asking for help to get her dogs under control.

Though there were many onlookers, panic ensued. In these kind of circumstances, it's risky to try to grab a dog away. Thankfully, somebody helped grab Brady away from the dogs, who then started attacking each other, And it was all to protect Josh.

After a couple days, both Brady and Josh are well and recovering. Brady needed skin grafts on both legs and will need several more surgeries to address the deep wounds caused by the dogs. Josh, who also underwent surgeries at the vet, will be okay, too.

If you want to show your appreciation of Brady's bravery, he has a GoFundMe page set up by his daughter to help with expensive vet bills. 

Although Brady went through this tremendous battle, he isn't coming away with much bitterness. The only advice he gave? 

"Keep dogs on leashes."

Agreed, Brady! We hope you and Josh have a swift recovery! 

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