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The First Ever American Rescue Dog Show

This year, Hallmark Channel is making history - adorable history - by launching the first ever dog show for rescue dogs.  

On Monday, February 19th at 8 p.m., Hallmark Channel is hosting the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show as a nod to the Westminster Dog Show. But instead of featuring dogs who have been bred to be show dogs, Hallmark's show features rescue dogs of all different breeds.

Of course, Hallmark also chose a mascot - Happy the Dog. Happy has starred in various Hallmark movies and is a certified therapy dog and emotional support animal. So he is definitely the right pup for the job. Rebecca Romijn and Rich Eisen will be human co-hosts for the event. 

Instead of just focusing on looks, the 2018 American Rescue Dog Show has various categories that put on emphasis on the dogs' personalities. 

Here is the comprehensive list of the awards the dogs will be competing for:

Best in Couch Potato

Best in Wiggle Butt

Best in Underbite

Best in Talking

Best in Snoring

Best in Senior Dog

Best in Fetcher

Best in Kissing 

Best in Special Needs

Best in Listener

The ten dogs who take home the awards in each of these categories will then face off in the finals - competing for the ultimate title of Best in Rescue. This will surely be an all-out adorable competition. 

All together, there are 52 adorable dogs competing. From Shar Peis to Chihuahuas to absolute mixes, you will see dogs of all breeds and all ages represented. Keep an eye out - maybe your dog can be the rescue dog of the year next year!

If you're not doing anything tomorrow night, tune into Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern to watch the cutest bunch of pups you've ever seen. 


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes