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The Season of Giving

It's December and you know what that means... it's the season of giving! With so many holidays coming up, you'll be in the holly jolly mood (hopefully). If you're looking for something heartwarming to do and you love dogs, why don't you combine those two things? Here are some great doggy charities that you can donate to this holiday season. 

Animal Welfare Institute

The Animal Welfare Institute doesn't only help dogs or pets, it helps all kinds of animals! They have strong commitment to stopping whaling, banning cruel traps, and improving life for lab animals. Basically any cause having to do with animals, they're there to help. 

Warrior Canine Connection

War veterans more often than not find adjusting to life back home to be very difficult. For soldiers with injuries or PTSD, life can be that much more difficult. That's why Warrior Canine Connection provides veterans with dogs that are trained to help them emotionally and physically. You can donate or volunteer. 

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

This charity is committed to rescuing abandoned or displaced cats and dogs. They will remove them from kill shelters in order to save them from euthanasia and then place them into loving homes. Basically, it's a "second-chance" shelter for loving cats and dogs without homes. You can give to them with money or by adopting!

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

This organization helps dogs and humans! It gives pups a purpose by training them and using them for disaster relief. When disaster strikes, the Disaster Search Dog Foundation pairs dogs with firefighters and other rescuers to help people in need. Specifically, dogs are trained to help find people who have been buried or are stuck in wreckage from disasters. 

Friends of Animals

This charity is all about promoting healthy breeding and spaying/neutering your pets. Above that, they advocate for overall kindness to and respect of animals. Their goal is to ultimately free animals from cruelty and exploitation. 

Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

This organization helps greyhounds find their home after their career. Since greyhounds often spend the first couple years of their life (but only this long) racing, they then find themselves without homes when they get "too old". This charity also matches senior citizens with senior dogs, a perfect and adorable pairing. 

Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue

Love small dogs? What about hairless ones? This charity is all about finding homes for small dogs (particularly the hairless variety). They provide rescue and rehabilitation for dogs in need and make sure to find great homes for dogs that are abandoned. 

You can find a whole list of charities here. So get out there and give to your favorite one (or more)! 


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