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The Story Behind "Career Canines"

by Jenna Gomes September 27, 2017 1 min read

Dogs can rescue people, pull sleds, herd sheep, but that's not all. Pups can also be extremely talented - performance-wise! 

Reno performer, J.R. Johns, has been lighting up the stages in Nevada for decades. But it's not just him who stars in his show. He has plenty of pups to get in on the act with him. 

Johns, just like all of us, is a supreme dog-lover. About 36 years ago, he realized that he could combine his passion for dogs and his passion for performing. 

Originally, Johns worked as a stagehand for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. While he got to work firsthand with exotic animals, he knew his true performance partners was in canines. 

Johns, an expert at dog training, has rescued every single one of his co-stars. Over the years, he has adopted 78 dogs. Wow! 

To accommodate all of these wonderful "show" dogs, Johns reconfigured his home so that it is completely dog-proofed and primed for canine comfort. He has mastered the art of dinner time and even has nap schedules for the dogs. 

All the dogs have special skills and take turns performing with Johns in his "Dog Gone Silly" shows in Nevada. 

If you aren't near Reno but are dying to see these awesome pups, don't worry! You can catch Johns and his performing pups on ABC's "Career Canines". This show follows Johns and his incredibly talented furry friends, so you'll get to witness all of this for yourself! 


Jenna Gomes
Jenna Gomes