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Tips for Backyard Baths

Your dog may not love baths - but they need to get clean! Summer is the perfect season to move baths outside so that there's less mess and the bathroom and more space for a thorough bath. Here are some tips for backyard baths. 

Pick a Spot

Pick an ideal spot in your yard to wash your dog. It should be somewhere relatively clean and clear. If it's an area with mud or if it's your dog's potty spot, it's not a very good area for baths. As your dog gets wet, they'll have the urge to shake and to rub on themselves on the ground. Finding the cleanest spot possible to bathe your dog will minimize the risk of them getting dirty in the middle of their path. 

Secure Your Pup

First, you'll want to make sure your pup is secure. They might love your fenced-in yard too much to stay still for a bath, so tie them up to a fence, post, or tree. Make sure that they are comfortable, that the color is not too tight, and to remove any type of harness you usually put on them so that you can wash their body better. 

Pick Your Washing Method

There are a couple different ways to wash your pup outside. A popular method is with a hose, since the water flows consistently and it's easy to maneuver around your pup's body. However, many dogs don't like the forceful flow of a hose. To get around this, there are attachment options for the hose that will create an improved flow, and even an attachment called the Woof Washer 360 that creates a ring of water that you can drag around your dog. If you want to go for another method, you can fill large buckets up with water, and slowly pour the water over your dog. 


Of course, just as an inside bath, you'll need shampoo in an outside bath. Have your shampoo handy near you so that you can keep an eye on your dog while preparing it. Make sure you scrub their whole body with the shampoo and thoroughly rinse it out afterward with water. 

Drying Off

Drying off outside can be easier, especially since there's plenty of room for your dog to shake off and run around. You can let your dog air dry in the sun, but just like you have to be cautious picking a bath spot, you also have to be cautious picking a drying spot. Be sure your dog doesn't have access to any muddy areas in the yard or dry grass where they can rub and immediately get themselves dirty again.

During the summer, try giving your pup a bath about once a week. The summer heat can get to your pup and cause them to sweat (just like humans), so get out there and use these backyard bath tips! 

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Jenna Gomes